Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

So last night I played Guild Wars 2 on my Elementalist, and had the first experience with a quest that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it.  I will say now, the quest name is “Free Rein” and is an Asura specific quest if you choose the weathermaker as your first invention during the start up of the game.

This quest blows, because there are all 4 of the elements are represented by elementals, and the quest will knock down your level to 16, regardless of what level you actually are.  You get Zojja, Mr. Sparkles, and an elf guy to help you, although Mr. Sparkles is initially out of commission.  The next hour of my life was spent killing, in this order: Earth, Earth, Ice, Ice, Earth, Ice, Fire, Fire, Earth, Ice, Fire, Ice, Fire…because the elementals RESPAWN!

How I finally got through was through sheer brute force. I killed as fast as I could, only healed if absolutely necessary, and used my fire spec, rather than water spec, for maximum damage, and swapped to water only when it was time to kill the fire elementals.  I will say with complete certainty that the only reason I was hurt in this was the fire elementals.  Those guys are total rat bastards and it kills me that they were able to crush me so easily.  So, I finally win, and am glad that particular thing is over!

Now I’m up for the day, was going to be super productive, but my allergies are kicking my ass, so I’ll be cuddled up on the couch napping most of the day.  My husband tried waking me up at 8:00, after I went to be around 10:30 last night, and I couldn’t make it out of bed, so I slept until 10:00, which for me is pretty much unheard of.

The next two weeks are going to be painful to get through.  I have a 4 day work week, 2 day weekend, and then a 4 day work week again followed by a flight out of Sioux Falls at 7:00AM on Friday morning to go to Seattle for a few days, then on the Alaskan cruise until September 23rd, it’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!

Guild Wars 2 and other realizations

So we got Guild wars 2 on Friday night from ArenaNet (or whoever they are called, honestly I’m about 1/3 awake yet) and started playing Saturday, stayed up all night, then again on Sunday, but went to bed at a decent hour.

So far, I’ve played maybe 5 hours of the game, or 6.  I’ll say it’s a combination of Rift and World of Warcraft, and it is a pretty well done game in general.  Fun to play, addicting, and has dynamic quests.

I’m playing an Elementalist, and it reminds me of a Shaman in WoW, except instead of having two sets of gear at this point, I have four “Stances” which change depending on what WEAPON I’m carrying.  So I have a set for: Staff , Dagger/Focus, Dagger/Dagger, Trident and I think one or two other ones, it’s kind of crazy.  The crafting and trading system feel really weird at this point, I keep catching myself hitting “B” for bag, or “Shift+B” for “All Bags”, but this game uses “I” instead, for Inventory I suppose.  “C” has been replaced with “H” for Hero (character sheet where you change out gear, add your talents etc.), and the crafting itself you have to be in one specific town to do, at least at this point (I am level 14, I feel like such a badass! LoL!

The game seems fun though, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

My maintenance weigh in this morning seemed promising, 161.8, totally maintaining my loss from before Sturgis, so I’ll take that :).  My current actions are currently:

Breakfast – Atkins Bar

Lunch – either Atkins Bar or go out, if I go out, avoid carbs.

Dinner – normal people food.

Still no regular soda, I limit how much actual bread I’m eating and am using Sugar Free options whenever I can, it seems to be working so here’s hoping this trend continues.  I know I’ll have a gain during the cruise,  I’m just really hoping it will be minimal.  Speaking of, t-minus 17 days!!!