Ideal Protein Protocol Sheets

To all of my loyal subscribers and followers, I am letting you know that I was recently contacted by Ideal Protein and advised that they would like me to remove the protocol sheets from my blog.  I will abide by their request.  This is why the link is no longer available.  If you would like to learn more about Ideal Protein, you may visit their About Us page here.  They will probably send you the same PDF’s I was able to find if you request them.

New Recipes on my Blog!

My recipes all moved over from my other blog, hooray!  Check under the “Ideal Protein Recipes” dropdown at the top of the page to see the tons of recipes available.  I’m super excited because this means that all that hard work done MONTHS ago can actually still be used.

Can I get an opinion from the peanut gallery?  Would ya’ll rather I have the recipes broken up in pages like they are now, or make them into blog posts?

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Skinniness

Last night I started looking at gyms in the area, thinking if I have somewhere to go workout that isn’t crazy out of the way I might go…yeah…might.  Not.  Could.  Should.  But probably won’t.  I HATE working out.  Did I mention HATE?  I don’t know why it is exactly, it’s not like I have something so much better to do with my time, I mean, I watch specific TV shows each week…I don’t need to sit down and watch them every night as a guarantee.

I wonder if I decided that after I had dinner and fed the dogs (7:00) that I could go to the gym for an hour a night, round trip.  So, 15 minutes of driving and 45 minutes of working out.  It seems plausible.  Do this three nights a week and I’m only adding 135 minutes of shows to my DVR really.  The other 4 days of the week I could just watch shows like normal.  It all sounds easy, great and plausible, but some how I just really don’t see it happening, which sucks because I think I’m really going to need to tone up in order to keep getting smaller, rather than just lighter.

After a long day of work though, working out just seems like the last thing I want to do, and I can’t do it on the way home from work because my poor dogs have been kenneled since 8:15AM and I don’t get home until 5:45 as it is.  I don’t want to make it 6:45, that’s 10.5 hours they’re kenneled at a time!

So, how do I get around my hee’in and haw’in about this.  Not sure yet, but at least I’m putting it out there, the “Should Do It” and now the world can see it (or at least the people who visit my blog 😉 ).

That’s all for now folks, checkin’ in later after I try out my roast beef for dinner tonight.

Day 1..or 2…holding tough

Well, so far being back on track has consisted of one brownie, one GNC shake, one taco and one serving of a “boxed” dinner…not really awesome for days 1 and 2.  HOWEVER with that being said, I did not eat an entire box of cereal either day, nor did I make 3 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, so that feels like an accomplishment in and of itself.


To my readers:

Hello my awesome readers.  I just want to write a letter of gratitude, because ya’ll are the ones that make this possible. It seems that any day I’m having doubts about whether or not I can do this, I have a comment written on one of my random pages, saying how I helped or inspired someone.

So for those of you who have written on one of my posts, let me say “Thank you for the inspiration you give to me”, because without your support, this could not be possible for me.

Alright, enough mush for tonight, the last 48 hours have been epic, lots of Guild Wars 2, some ancestry and genealogy research, and now a bit of bloggin’.  My husband is baking some tilapia and shrimp in a green pepper and old bay topping.  That will be dinner, then a little TV time and off to bed.  Life is good good good!