72 Hours of Life

Well, it’s been 3 days since I posted last…wow that feels weird!  My weight has bounced around a bit, going down down up so far, but it’s looking like I could realistically get down to 161 by Monday, so kind of pumped about that.

I leave to ride my motorcycle to the twin cities tomorrow, got a brand spanking new helmet, I heart Icon stuff.

Alliance Rubatone Helmet

I went with a flat black helmet, and it’ll be so much lighter than my current helmet, and it fits so much better that I’m sure I’ll be much more comfortable riding in it for extended periods of time.  Eventually I’ll need new gloves and a jacket, but at least this way I’ll know my brain is safe…might borrow my husband’s jacket for the weekend, with me losing all this weight I can actually FIT in his jacket now (yes I was bigger than my husband, God that’s irritating to me).

So I got my new shoes for hitting 30 pounds lost, go me!  These shoes are a-mazing looking, and the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but hey, beauty is pain, right?

I’ll be picking up some Dr. Scholls for her-High Heels edition prior to our trip to Sturgis, as these puppies will be gracing my feet at least for SOME of the time that we’re out there, even if that means I can’t pack something else (goodbye curling iron and hair dryer).

Well, that’s it for the excitement of my life, oh, except I tried the Cinnamon Vanilla cereal from Bariwise, it’s similar to cardboard…but eh, such is life.

It’s Friday…I’m Hyper!

So what happens when you put a hyperactive social butterfly on regular coffee?? You get a result like this:

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Bounce Bounce Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Bounce Shake Run in Circles Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Bounce Twitch Extreme Productivity Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk…

I’m just waiting for the caffeine to wear off…I know it will…I read it somewhere?  I also had an insane amount of protein for breakfast: GNC Shake + an Atkins shake (which I poured as creamer into my coffee and thickener into my GNC shake)…so I don’t know how long this will end up lasting, but for now I’m just reveling in the hyper…pretty much.

This morning I was positive I’d have a gain, yesterday I went out to LUNCH AND DINNER!  It was C-RAZY! I also woke up at like 4:00 when the AC got turned off to preserve its little life (we live in South Dakota, yesterday was like 100 degrees with a low of like 80, it was depressing as hell), and like a compulsive idiot I stepped on the scale, gain! 167.4! Gasp! Seizure! Die!  What ever will I do?  I will chug water and go back to bed until 7:00AM apparently.  I jump on the scale again, and down to 166.2!!  Yes, I lost 1.4 pounds by sleeping for 3 hours…that’s my kind of weight loss! And no, I did not pee it out!

So today the plan is: Work…go home…get groceries and stuff to clean the AC…go home…vacuum the newly clean house…and then watch some TV and pass the flip out.  My family reunion is in Iowa tomorrow starting at 10:00AM.  I don’t plan on getting there QUITE that early, but I do plan on being there in time for lunch, and I will be strong!  I plan on bringing my shake, a bar and salad for support.  My relatives can cook like nobody’s business so this is a bigger temptation than going to a 5-star restaurant for me.  I usually luck out and have a few people who bring some sort of 7 layer salad or something, then I don’t have to stare longingly at the sloppy joes, baked beans, green bean casserole, cantaloupe (yeah, I spelled that right, on the first try!), watermelon, dinner rolls…oh god I’m drooling, that’s embarrassing!

I am willing to accept a final weight of this week as 167.5 (on the off chance I have a gain Sat/Sun/Mon mornings) because it’ll still be higher than a 2 pound loss.  If it’s more, eh, whatever, I get to keep my bead for my 25 pound mark still.  If for some freak reason I lose 1.4 more pounds between today and Monday I’ll be up to a second bead in two weeks, so 30 pounds lost…holy crap!  That’ll be my half way point, so it’ll be a good day to be me!  Both motorcycles are being rockstars right now, so I’m loving that.

And that’s what I made because I LOVE how our bikes contrast so much!

Truckin’ Thru Thursday

Well, last night was a HUGE success, and by huge I mean non detrimental to the big motorcycle project.  My hubby was able to get the engine to turn over (not start completely as we haven’t put gas in it yet), and the electrical is wired up, yay yay for blinkers, ignition and speedometer/gauge all working in harmony.  We’ll still have some serious steps tonight to make, BUT it is looking like if we push hard enough, tonight that beast (excuse me, mutant) could be up and running, which means we can RIDE to the twin cities for Valley Fair tomorrow night!

So let’s see, we leave tomorrow after work, come rain or shine, or a non functioning motorcycle.  My job tonight? Finish my painting as the bike is coming together.  Only two pieces to paint, touch up on the air box cover and a few more top coats on one small tin piece.  The process is actually kind of cool.  We wanted to preserve the aluminum base, which is rare for the V-Rod, so we used this stuff called Plastidip, coated it down like 3-4 layers, and then painted over the plastidip.  It can peal right off with enough convincing, and when it starts it peels off in sheets, like an epic sunburn…kind of…so here’s the “baby” at this point:

And here is what a v-rod starts looking like:

All I can say, is that looks like one mean mother 🙂  The silver tin on the front of the 2nd picture is missing in the red/black bike because the piece was still drying when I took the picture.  Hopefully tonight will be some badass pictures and videos…hopefully!