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Welcome back to my blog! Holy crap it’s been almost 5 months since my last post. That’s insane.  I have no excuse, I’ve been lax in my blogging admittedly.  I started this journey over 2 years ago on Ideal Protein, then transitioned over to Weight Watchers.  My weight has gone up, down, and up again, and now down again, and I’m starting to learn that it’s OK.

I’m fighting the good fight though, and knowing that TRYING is better than doing NOTHING.


Just to show how my weight has been going (gradually) down over the past 7 months, here’s my Weight Watchers Weight Tracking profile:

The last 12 months of my weight: Total lost so far, 15 lbs

The last 12 months of my weight: Total lost so far, 15 lbs

I’m far from perfect as you can see. This is all about accountability and transparency.  So here is me being accountable:  I still have 20 pounds that I WANT to lose.  Here’s me being transparent: I CAN DO THIS, but it MAY take LONGER than I WANT.  At the end of the day though, I’m 29 years old, I’m sure that fighting weight will be something I fight for a very long time, and I’m really just getting into the second battle, as it were.

My current weight: 186.0 as of yesterday morning (thank you nice people at Weight Watchers for not judging me too harshly).  My weight on January 15th when I weighed in for the first time at Weight Watchers: 201.  I have been down to 184 between then and now, and when I did Ideal Protein I bottomed out at 162, which had no muscle at all and still managed to be flabby.  This time, my goal is 165 but to have some actual MUSCLE under the flab as well as a healthier heart.

What I’m doing to move the scale this week: 31 miles on my bike yesterday, 20 miles on my bike today, hopefully at least 10 miles on my bike tomorrow (back to work for me, and it’s harder for me to bike to work going up hill for a measly 4 miles than do the whole bike trail of 20 miles).  I’m back tracking my food on my Weight Watchers Mobile App, but am honestly pushing more for the exercise this week than the food.  So EVERY day I’m going to try to do SOMETHING physically demanding for at least an hour.  That does NOT include my half an hour walk at lunch, no.  This is an hour of something that makes me sweat.  So if it’s not bike riding for a night, then it’ll be me going for a (shudder) run/jog or going to a Zumba class (kind of shudder, it’s $10/class).

This is just one week I’m trying this.  We’ll see how it goes.  But who knows, I might even surprise myself 🙂

Thanks for swinging by to my blog, I promise to work on updating a bit more frequently than once every 5 months!

Sometimes You Just Have To Take The Long Way…


This morning was a “long way” kind of a morning.   The fog was so thick I could not see across the river, I had to remove my sunglasses because water was beading up on them so heavily, and I watched while drops of moisture dropped down my helmet.  I rode with my husband and one of our coworkers, meeting up just outside of our neighborhood on the Sioux Falls area Bike Trail at 8:10AM and rode 16 1/2 miles around the Northern trek of the trails.  At times, my cadence was perfectly timed with my heart rate and respiratory rate, peddle peddle peddle-breathe….peddle peddle peddle-breathe… with the mist sinking into my skin, keeping me cool even as my muscles warmed up. I rode up a hill steep enough to give me time to reconsider taking it at least twice, through a group of geese socializing on the middle of the trail, and into the parking lot at work by 9:25AM.  My helmet was soaked, as were my gloves and hoodie, but it was an exhilarating ride.

Every time I ride my bicycle, I am amazed at how far I can go.  Now, no matter how tired I am or how long of a day I’ve had, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can ride either way home successfully, or either way to work and know I will make it there, eventually.

Today I will ride at least 20 miles total, as the shortest route home is still 7.3 miles, and burn at a minimum 700 calories.  My heart may not agree with the decisions I make while I’m climbing the numerous hills on my way to or from work, but it beats with elation when I manage to make it to my destination.

Sometimes, it pays to take the long way.