Winter Bug Comes out of Hiding


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Well, it’s official.  I’m sick.  I was on my high and mighty horse, mocking the world at large for its inability to dodge the flu.  It appears Karma decided to give me a swift kick in the ass and give me the experience everyone else seems to be having.  Sniffles, sore throat, cough and generally rundown feeling.  I don’t think that it’s the flu, as I haven’t had a fever, but I do know it’s contagious because my husband had it 4 days before I got it.  The extremely bothersome part is that he is STILL slightly ill, and I haven’t even hit “rock bottom” yet (which he did on Saturday last week, 2 days after getting the beginning symptoms).

When I hit rock bottom, it’s going to be ugly.  I’m just grateful that our office is a small group of people, rather than a huge corporation, and that it’s easy for people to avoid eachother there.

What drugs am I taking to get me through this blinkety blank blank bug?  Tylenol makes a “Multi-Symptom Severe” that tastes like Listerine strips and burns like crazy, but seems to get the job done, at least temporarily.   I wish they made liquid that could go longer than 4-5 hours (let’s face it, 6 hours never happens, ever, with cold medicine).  But I guess I’ll just have to stick with my pill form of the 12-hour variety.

Well, I’m off to curl up under a heating blanket, hopefully that’ll help me feel a little more human (I love being cuddly and warm).

Stay flu-free, everyone!


Let Freedom Ring!

So I get home today from work, left early because I felt soooo sick.  We’re talking end of the world sick like my stomach was going to curdle up inside me and rip out like a scene from Alien.  Anyways, I walk up the driveway and what is there in the mailbox?  A Salmon piece of heaven.

Now I should probably clarify that we did not have a fish sticking out of our mailbox.  No, we had a notice from our local post office that a package had been attempted to be delivered and was unable to as no one was home to sign it.  I am happy to say the package was the LAST REMAINING PIECE that we were waiting for so my husband can try to finish his motorcycle.  We’re talking kid at christmas:

on speed

 who then proceeds to multiply like Gremlins after getting dropped in water.

THAT is my husband right now.

Lucky for me I have the night “off” so to speak from painting.  I’m sick enough I don’t trust my hand to be steady with a can of spray paint.  I’m also STARVING, so I’ve eaten…let’s see…

Breakfast:                            Shake (90cal 2g net carbs)
Snack:                                  Atkins Bar (170 cal 3g net carbs)
Lunch:                                  Q’doba chicken and veggies sautéed
2nd Snack (yes really):     Atkins Bar (this was at 5:30PM and I thought I would die from hunger) 3G net Carbs 200 calories
Dinner:                                 Rotisserie Chicken, skipped the veggies to save some carbs
3rd Snack (shame!):          Supreme Protein Bar at 9:49 PM and then going to bed (204 cal, 8g net carbs)

I’m going to try and make it through the night without another snack, but we’ll have to hold out for it because tonight is anybody’s guess.  I have had a bit of soda, Pepsi Max to be specific, because it is sweetened with Sucralose instead of aspartame, and that made me at least be able to stay awake this late (it is officially 7:40 PM CST).

Well, I’m off to do something…anything really…to keep my mind off food (since I’m hungry, again, it’s been an hour).  Think it’s time for some research!

I broke…it’s shameful…I know…I had another bar, Supreme Protein Carb Conscious, with 7G net carbs and 15G Protein, 9G of fat…but there it is…if I have a gain tomorrow, at this point I deserve it, but at least my weakness and stomach cramping has subsided, and I’ve downed another 60 ounces of water since coming home from work, + the 70+ ounces I drank at work today.

664 calories before the lunch and dinner meats

16G net carbs

Yeah I don’t feel that bad