Divine Intervention…

So, I had a full week and a half of epic bicycle riding, including riding our entire trail system one day (22 miles round trip) and lots of quick trips here and there.   And then it started to rain.  Let me clarify, the skies opened up and we had torrential downpours, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding.  The rain started last week on Wednesday (we rode Tuesday) and won’t be completely gone until this upcoming weekend.  That’s right, a solid 10 days of a 30% or higher chance of rain every single day.


Now, I would LOVE to say I’m one of those people who can ride in the rain and NOT get wet.  I’m not.

Me in the Rain

No, I’m one of the people who is instantly waterlogged and invariably get soaked, muddy and end up looking like a drowned sewer rat basically.  Now, fast forward to Friday, my husband is getting sicker by the day, and I’m right behind him.  By Saturday I was laid out , sicker than a dog , sleeping 12-16 hours in the day.  And then there is this week.

I know, it’s ridiculous right?  If nothing else, I was able to ride for a bit yesterday, at least as far as the 3rd flooded area of the bike trails were concerned.

Maybe I should look at this like divine intervention, because lord knows, worse things could happen than losing a day of riding!



Let is Snow, Let it Snow!

It’s cloudy and dreary and chilly outside, but all I can think of is “Where’s my snow?”  For those of you who don’t know, I live in balmy South Dakota, where in the past, we always did winter “right”.  Blizzards, snow days, and shoveling out the snow plow piles are common place from the end of November all the way through May every year.  Last year and this year however, our snow has been conspicuously absent.

It was so bad last Christmas that we were able to give my nephew a PowerWheel police car and he got to learn to drive it on Christmas day!  Yes it got cold out fast, but still, no snow.  Weather like this makes me want to bake cookies and stay inside, gorging on them until the snow comes when I can switch from cookies to traditional holiday treats (puppy chow, chex mix, chocolate covered pretzels or almond bark covered pretzels) and any number of bad things for me.

So, instead of making those eevil cookies (which I love so dearly) this year I am going to be focusing on healthier alternatives, walnuts, cashews etc, something that has a least one or two good things for me.  Here’s hoping the snow we’re expecting today decides to grace us with its presence, it’s time for winter to get its butt in gear!