Buy ???

So I saw this last night during my extreme searching, and turns out the website is for sale!

My heart pitter pattered all the way to my e-mail, where I inquired as to the price.  Apparently this was only for “Serious Inquiry” and my piddly offer of $100 was basically laughed at.  The price…get ready for it…

$8,000 (yes, Eight Thousand Dollars)!!!!

Oh my God are you serious?? No way am I going to pay THAT much money for a domain, that’s ridiculous!  So I guess that means that I’ll be sticking with WordPress until the .Blog’s open up next year sometime, because some how I don’t think I’d get $8,000 to pay for the full domain URL.


Such is life I guess, goodbye, you were a nice idea, but I can’t spend that kind of money on you when I could buy a car for the same amount…