Gender Stereotype Reversals at a gym

OK, so here is the link to hilarity:

And now, you have to watch this, it’s freaking hilarious, and as a new-to-the-gym person, there are no words to how appropriate this is.

Andy Whitfields Spartacus Workout and Diet | MotleyHealth

Alright so technically speaking this is going under my Exercise category, but this is so much more than exercise, this is Andy Whitfield, the start of Spartacus Seasons 1 and 2, never to be replaced.

I’m posting his workout on this page, but I’ll be posting multiple times throughout the day, all about Andy, because his documentary with his fight against non Hodgkin lymphoma has been funded through Kickstarter as of this morning, which means it’ll become a reality later this year.   Live long in our hearts, Andy.

Andy Whitfields Spartacus Workout and Diet | MotleyHealth.